Artist Statement

As a multimedia artist, I have been drawn to a wide range of art practices in traditional and digital media including: drawing, painting, graphic design, animation, video production, editing, sound design, and music composition.  Not entirely satisfied with any one explicitly, I enjoy the exploration of each separately and the interdisciplinary approach of cross-referencing, fusing, and the reinterpreting of established genres to find my own voice in a vast history of art.  Having multifaceted creative interests allows for an evolution of craft but can also help an artist navigate in an ever-changing world.  The coalescing allows for understanding the parts that make up the whole––as in filmmaking.  Furthermore, my drawing and painting practice has augmented my animating just as rendering in 3D has influenced my conceptual design for painting.  It is through these explorations that one finds the best methods for working.

My over-arching goal in life as an artist is to define a style of my own but also to strive for that which has not been done before.  Because it is in the methods of the avant-garde, to ‘push the boundaries’, that will continue to change the world we live in through art.  That is the duty of the artist and the aspect that I admire.  However, I’m an idealist and have concerns as to just how these changes are implemented.  My hope is for a better world through art where the status quo of any established aesthetic in painting, photography or film for example,––which can often lack substantive stimulation on either the conceiving or receiving end––can provide a route of interest to guide and inspire new and inventive ideas.  It is necessary for artists to be continually stirring their creative minds for fresh challenges.  Yet, in contemporary art this is very much a modernist point of view that I believe threads the fabric of artists today––whose practice explores beyond what was conceived of in the modernist, twentieth century.

Where contemporary art practices often reflect the current political and social atmosphere, I believe as an artist segueing into the 21st century that I have chosen the route to interpret the world with one that could be.  Because I am a citizen of a nation witnessing the changes of globalization and the events taking place in war, politics, social change, or the influence of the media, my being drawn to consciousness, spirituality and utopia has made me question my own motives.  For I’ve learned how contemporary theory argues that artists cannot help but represent their time; I believe that my quest for a world unattached from that nexus may be significant in itself.

From an early age, I exercised the subconscious psyche inspired by the surrealists where I believe there is a deep relevance to the implications that their influence has had on the contemporary moment.  Yet, this foundation afforded me to grow with other inspirations, such as the intersection of art and science, physics and technology where there is much area for research and representation.  All these have helped shape my work to express intrigue, mystery, fantasy, a manifestation of dreams, an allure with the metaphysical, nature, and the sacred serenity that the earth’s beauty offers through its timeless renewal of life.  I find my direct reaction to current events is engaging these and other subjects from antiquity to a future of enlightenment.  I’m also intrigued by the ethereal in art that elude representation by conveying moods and emotions.  Through these inspirations, my hope is that my work in multimedia, design, cinema, conceptual art, and music will be received as refreshing and uplifting as well as inspire others.

Artist CV

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